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5 Podcasts you NEED to get your ears on.

5 Podcasts you NEED to get your ears on.

Podcast listeners, listen up!

This one of those blog post which might actually change your life.


I often can’t fathom how much extraordinary audio there is now out in the world.
Extraordinary and free!

Like seriously?!

With music streaming, audiobooks & podcast we are honestly spoilt for choice.

And I friggin love it.

You can learn, laugh, inspire, freak yourself out, cry, connect, and I’m serious, you can change your world.

Commuting from Melbourne to Geelong at least once or twice a week (for the past 3 years) I’ve found the only thing that keeps me sane during the 1.5-2 hour drive is getting something in my ears that won’t make me fall asleep at the wheel.

These are some of the Podcasts which are on rotation that keep me both entertained or inspired (or educated) while I am on my commute.


Seize The Yay

Hosted by Sarah Holloway, Founder of Matcha Maiden & Matcha Mylkbar, she has down to earth chats with people who are literally seizing their yay.

She talks mostly with people in business or people who are thriving in their work life, but also breaks down the pretty facade of what we might see on the outside looking in, to get a nice insight into their life, their struggles, their proudest moments and what inspires them.

This list isn’t in any order from favourite, to least favourite, however I would be lying if I didn’t say this podcast is my favourite.

I’ve convinced Gabe to listen to the podcast for his commute so that we can discuss episodes together, and he too is completely hooked!!

My favourite episodes :
Seize the Gay // Khanh Ong
Thank you, Next // Daniel Flynn



The Plant Proof Podcast

Don’t tune out of this recommendation because your not vegan, hold up!

I personally do not follow a strict plant based diet, however I think anyone and everyone will benefit from this podcast.

Simon Hill, Physiotherapist & (almost) Nutritionist, discusses all things around nutrition, health, training & mindset with experts, influencers, trainers or other business owners.
He often talks about the importance of a plant based lifestyle, but in a very compassionate and non-forceful way that allows the listener to not feel as though they have just become victim to activism.
(If it were, I wouldn’t be listening or even recommending this to you!)

Additionally, not all episodes even talk about a plant blased lifestyles - they are just damned good!

Favourite episodes :
Pro Surfer Alana Blanchard
Social Media and Our Mental Health with Katie Williams
Osher Gunsberg

Link :



This one is a goodie.
I had heard about the Shameless Podcast a few times but just kept forgetting to subscribe. But since listening to the Shameless girls (Michelle Andrews & Zara McDonald) on Seize The Yay, I was quickly motivated to listen to every single episode & then wish that these girls were my BFFs.

These girls coin their slogan, Smart women who love dumb stuff, and without a doubt that somewhat nails it.
Although, these girls actually talk about a lot of smart stuff too.
The girls are both Melbourne journalists who talk about current affairs, from politics, to latest MAFS updates, to social media influencers, to calling out journalistic bullies, to activism, all the way through to their ‘IN CONVERSATION’ episodes with women of influence.

Without a doubt it is the most entertaining 40-60 minutes of my day.

Favourite episodes :
N CONVERSATION : Michelle Battersby
And all the others! The ones that are not ‘IN CONVERSATION’ are basically a news updates column that chat about current affairs & their opinions on them. I friggin love it all!

Link :



The Everyday Girl

This podcast is super special as Emily Sargeson hosts from a perspective of the everyday girl like you and I.
She’s so real and authentic in the way she chats with other women, again just like you and I and it’s so intimate I often feel like I’m in the room with them!

She interviews young women who are on their own journey’s and careers, right in the middle of it or when it is still in start up mode.
I feel this is incredibly relatable - although I love listening to successful women in how they created what they created, I often feel quite a disconnect to those women as their lifestyle & success somewhat seems unattainable.

The Everyday Girl however, I get it. These women are us.

In actual fact too, it is us as I featured on episode 7!

(This recommendation was in no way a way to get a cheeky plug in either, I promise! ….In fact Emily doesn’t even know I’m sharing this!!!)

Not to mention, Emily is an incredible blogger and I love having a read over her website from time to time too.

Favourite Episodes :
Episode 1: Emily Holland
Episode 3: The Karma Collective

Links :


The Rich Roll Podcast

Usually long episodes (90-160 minutes) so great for a road trip listen. Although tbh, you might have at least 10-15 minutes worth of ads to skip through which can save you some valuable ear time.

Rich Roll interviews an incredibly wide range of people from so many different walks of life, such as Turia Pitt, Lance Armstrong and Tim Ferris.
He is an ultraendurance athlete & plant based advocate, he doesn’t often talk about veganism in most episodes, although when he does, it can be a little preachy (personal opinion).

This is one of those podcasts which there is something for everyone, both inspirational, motivating and educational.
Rich also has a very soothing voice, so beware if your feeling a little snoozy on the road.

Favourite episodes :

Turia Pitt Unmasked
Lance Armstrong is Moving Forward
Queens of EPIC5


Now you know a few of my favourites that I listen to on the regular!
Let me know your thoughts if they are now on your subscribed list, but also, what are your favourites?

Please comment below a few of your favourites to keep myself and the other readers entertained while on our walks or commute!

xo Breeza

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