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Running injuries suck, and what to do about them

Running injuries suck, and what to do about them

This title says it all.

Raise your hand if you’re a runner.
Keep your hand up if you have had some form of running injury before.
I wouldn’t expect many runners or people who run to have never injured themselves either due to sheer bad luck or an overuse injury.

I’ve been struck with both of them. Once I rolled my ankle going around a corner in the dark - that would have been quite the sight seeing my hop up and down on the spot shouting ‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck’ at 6am in a nice quiet neighbourhood.

I have also had a few overuse injuries for the most part due to my naivety thinking if Milly Clark can run well over 10k everyday, then so can I. ITB syndrome, stress reactions, stress fractures and niggles reminded me that I in fact couldn’t.

But, that definitely doesn’t mean that because running injuries happen, you shouldn’t run as running is bad for your body.
It also doesn’t mean because you have had injuries in the past then surely your prone to more.

No no no.

There are number of things you can do to ensure you A) Don’t develope injuries, B) Avoid the chances of you having a ‘freak’ injury, and C) Have you continuing to run further or faster and more efficiently depending on your goals.

This is a fundamental for runners. I know runners need to practice running, but deficiencies and asymmetry within the musculoskeletal frame can be exacerbated while running increasing the chances of those overuse injuries occurring.

Strength training will also improve running economy building muscular endurance through key muscle groups essential for running. Glutes, lower body, & core are all essential focuses for run strength training.

Actually learning how to run, a check on your technique and improvements on your run form.
We can be prone to injuries or more at risk of developing them if we simply don’t move well. If your movements and stride is irregular or you are favouring particular sides, muscles or simply just trying to get from A-B without really knowing how or what you are doing, thats going to create some interesting outcomes.
This is how imbalances create deficiencies (or vice-versa) and potential injuries occur.
Employ a coach or someone who understands movement (specifically running technique) to help you master the basics first.

Don’t ever think you are better than recovery. Ever.
I understand you’re in a hurry or you simply CBF, but gosh it is so important. Recovery encompasseses everything from stretching and mobility, nutrition, hot/cold therapies, sleep, to actually taking rest days and proper running programming specific to you.

Majority of the overuse injuries or niggles happen when we don’t prioritise this final point, and neglecting putting in a little more effort with the first two points.

I plan to go into much more thorough detail on these tips and strategies over the next few posts, however if you have any questions or want specific & personal coaching in this area I am just an email away.

XO Breeza

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