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My top 5 tips to sustainable fat loss

My top 5 tips to sustainable fat loss

When it comes to fat loss, we always have the expectations that we are going to feel tired, weak, hungry, and pretty much like shit (pardon my language).

We also think it’s just going to be a one time slog, quick, fast and results A S A P.

I’m about to burst some bubbles here and say you that unfortunately sustainable fat loss is certainly not about a one time slog. If it was, it wouldn’t be called sustainable now, would it?

Sustainable fat loss in-fact is sustained habit or consciousness.
Wow. who would have thought?

This might sound a little spooky and daunting, but I assure you, sustainable fat loss shouldn’t be. It should be quite the opposite.

Here’s exactly why as I share with you how to sustain fat loss and maintain your weight & goals at whatever point that might be and how to make it a little simpler, easier and help you achieve lasting results.


That statement itself sounds a little aggressive. Am I right?
I’m talking about being in a calorie deficit - don’t be too aggressive.

Simply put, to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. What this means is you need to know what your maintenance calorie intake is, to then know what being in a deficit would look like. This can be achieved through diet alone, exercise, or a combination of the two.
It’s suggested to be in a deficit between 5-15% for fat loss, as this is both sustainable and won’t affect your hormones, sleep, mood, mental capacity.

If you go too far into a deficit, ie. reducing your calories by more than 15%, then you start to toy with making poorer decisions & slip ups and generally hating the whole process as you are depriving yourself. Plus most likely you’ll be skimping on the essential macro & micronutrients your body needs for everyday function and muscle development.

Additionally, this isn’t something you want to rush. They key is to do it slow and steady making subtle changes and improvements to your nutrition & exercise forming lasting habits that create gradual results which are encouraging to maintain.


I know in this culture, especially in the wellness space, we like to preach more of intuition and listening to your body when it comes to nutrition.
I definitely think this has a place, both for our mental and physical health on so many levels.

However when it comes to actually understanding what works and what doesn’t work for your body with regards to reducing body fat, you’d probably find it a hell of a lot harder to achieve your goals if you followed that mentality.
Personally I know if I was to listen to my body for my food choices I’d probably have Chocolate coated almonds for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Knowing your nutrition numbers is like your budgeting your finances.
If you don’t know where your money is currently going or how you are spending your cash, how on earth are you going to know how much to save or spend to buy that house of yours?

Same goes with nutrition.
You need to know what you’re currently doing (or not doing) by tracking your food intake, calories and macros.
A great tool to use is My Fitness Pal app, but be careful of the ‘program’ you set in the App as it is very generic and not always the most reliable resource for diet guidelines.
Just as people see an accountant to help them with their finance numbers, a coach can help you with your nutrition numbers.


Plain and simple.
There are a billion reasons why drinking more water than whatever you are currently drinking is so important for you beyond helping you maintain or reach your goals.
From your skin, hair and nails, to your energy and performance in the gym, to digestion & appetite regulation and everything in between.

Simply google ‘benefits of drinking water’ for all the perks.


The kind of stuff that is exercise but isn’t exercise.
Simply standing more at work, walking a little more, and even fidgeting!

When it comes to daily steps, always try to hit above 10,000 per day (minimum). You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much this can help your fat loss goals and your mental health.


Having someone to be accountable to is going to make it a lot easier than doing it all alone.

This could be telling your mates you’re making changes to your health for your health, and asking for their support.
Or better yet, maybe you go on this journey with a friend so you both look out for each other.

A coach, trainer or mentor who understands this process who can guide you and give you the tools and knowledge is also going to be your best bet in terms of effective and sustainable fat loss.
When I was coached by Chris Cannon (Life Hub) he made sure I didn’t f* up, and my accountability to him made sure I stayed focus and continued to take with me the knowledge I had moving forward beyond the challenge.

Those are just a few (of many) tips for sustainable fat loss I regularly share with clients of mine. Especially for the guys I am working with now for the 6 Week Challenge over at The HIIT Project!

Although this challenge is 6 weeks in total, the tools, knowledge & habits will continue to serve them ongoing, just as these tips hopefully will for you!

Breeza x

If you got something out of this blog post, please feel free to share with your friends or to find more amazing tips, workouts and nutrition goodies over at The Sweat Connect Facebook group!

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