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What's motivation and where can I get it?

What's motivation and where can I get it?

A friend asked the other week ‘where do you get your motivation from, and where can I get it’.

I kind of laughed and said something like ‘you can’t just get motivation, it has to come from within’.

Although part of that is true, I also think it’s not always the most helpful piece of advice.

I believe you can (and sometimes need) to get motivation from other sources to keep you on track.
Because in fact, sometimes we all simply have zero motivation within us to draw from.

Take cookies for example:
They rock. They are delicious. They are pleasurable and they are also packed with calories which sometimes takes A LOT of motivation to withdraw from having 2, 3, 4 or 12 of them.

I’d have to search for said motivation within to restrain my desires to indulge in the cookies. I’d be tapping in internally for the motivation to achieve self control.

This would be classified as internal motivation.
Motivation from within. Intrinsically motivated examples within this situation would be the self satisfaction & empowerment of having the ability to know your limitations and control them.

The light up your belly kind of motivation.

In fact this kind of motivation is the most effective and sustainable kind. This is the type you want.

Obviously though, you might really friggin struggle with brewing this type of motivation.
It’s fleeting. It’s sporadic. It’s not always ‘worth the effort’.

External motivation, although often gets a bad wrap, are driven by rewards outside of ones self. Think money, praise, the scale & insta likes.

When I put it like that, it sounds as though external motivation is for the superficial. Am I right?

But what if I told you that a combination of the two might be your tool to success?

If you find motivation to go to the gym recurrently hard, or to resist the cookies, or to shower everyday then you genuinely need something more than just ‘your will’.

You need to figure out your goals.
You need to figure out your why.
You need to figure out a plan.
And you probably need a coach.

Your goals need to be something that resonates with you. And let’s be real, for some it my be external rewards, praise or accountability to someone else.

From personal experience as a lab rat and as a coach, results rarely happen off our own bat.
Sometimes you literally need someone to smack the cookies from you grip and remind you that you want to look & feel good naked.
THEY will be disappointed if you don’t show up to the gym, and THEY will be disappointed if you don’t listen to the advice they give for your nutrition.

Additionally, you’ve forked out a little from your budget to invest in yourself. You bloody better do the work to get your value worth.

That my friend, is motivation and where you can get it.

If you need accountability, a plan and results, then I am your girl.

This post wasn’t intended to be cheeky plug, but maybe you need exactly what I am offering.

Hit the button below for more information as I’m opening up a small number of exclusive online coaching clients for women wanting real coaching and real results.

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