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Sweaty Breeza: Low Fuss No Equipment Travel Workout

Sweaty Breeza: Low Fuss No Equipment Travel Workout

Travelling sure makes it hard to workout, with the jet lag, the weird hotel gyms that you don’t know your way around, the possible time constraints, the excuses…..

To be honest, I don’t think its always necessary to worry about training while you’re on holidays or travelling, because if your exploring the city most likely you’ll be on your feet all day walking & that step count will be smashing past that 10,000 goal E A S Y !

BUT if you’re really itching for that workout to do because maybe the weather is shitty, or your side-kick is struck with Bali-belly, or maybe its a lazy holiday and you just want to feel a little more zesty & a little less resty, then this workout is for you.

No equipment needed, so do this anywhere, anytime!

WARM UP 30s each (immediate transition to next exercise) x 4 Rounds

  • Jog / high knees on the spot

  • Mountain Climbers

  • Rock & reach

  • Downward dog foot pedals

10s-30s rest between each exercise
x 4-5 Rounds

  • 10 x Squat + Squat Jump (landing absorbing into squat)

  • 6 x Inchworm walks (no standing, straight legs)

  • 20 x walking lunges (10 each, pushing up and fwd through front leg)

  • 6 x Push up > Downward dog (slow flow)

That’s it.

A super simple and quick workout that will definitely get your heart racing and body sweating quickly.

Easy to be done outdoors at a local park or your accomodation play area, maybe the beach, or weird hotel gym, or maybe you’ll stay put in your room and cut some laps lungeing & inchworming across the room you have!

Enjoy & be sure to tag me in your workouts on instagram if you have a go!

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