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What’s in your too hard basket?

What’s in your too hard basket?

What’s in your too hard basket?

I had a conversation this morning with one of my clients about wanting to be a hip hop dancer.
Contain yourself people, this is just as much a funny sight in your mind as it is in mine.

She used to be a dancer but decided to focus her career towards podiatry after full time dancing for a few years.
It sparkled me telling her my embarrassing dreams to be on So You Think You Can Dance.

I obviously saved face by following up with all the excuses in the world I give to not bothering take my talents outside the dark sticky dance floors of 2am Orange Whip nightclub circa 2013.
I don’t have time.
There’s no good studios around here (HA like I’d even know).
I doubt there’s a teacher that could deal with my two left feet.
I’ve got too many other things to focus on that don’t involve the Stanky Leg.

You name it.

But you know what, just as I put surfing in the too hard basket for many many maaaaany years (like, all the years) I eventually got my shit together and threw the excuses out the window and stepped out there.

We’ve all been there.
We put the ‘eating healthy’ in the too hard basket; starting a new business idea; launching a business; catching up with that old friend who lives a few hours away; starting a blog; drinking 3+ litres of water a day. It’s all in the basket.
Some of our excuses are pure laziness or we don’t see the benefits, or for these things, and obviously not all of these things are weighted the same.
I totally get it.
But if you, like me, keep putting things off and putting things off, you’ll soon find everything just too damned hard.
You’ll miss opportunities.
You’ll get comfortable.
You’ll miss aaaaalll the good shit that comes with trying new things.
And you’ll be forever complacent.

If whatever it is in your ‘too hard’ basket has the potential to give you joy, or actually be good for you, then girrrrrrl what on earth are you waiting for?

Breeza xo

Just Be Kind

Just Be Kind

2018, it was nice knowing ya.