A semi-organised insight into my monkey mind. 

- Bree Filippone  

I'm a Melbourne and Surf Coast based Exercise Scientist (AKA, a glorified personal trainer) Founding Director of The HIIT Project and The Finishr.

I help everyday people reach their fitness and health goals, help people return to daily activities from chronic or acute injuries, and work with athletes to help them perform their best for their chosen sport - and anything in between.

The HIIT Project is about providing intentional high sweat workouts leaving everyone ride the endorphin high with your triibe knowing that you put the work in. We’re ‘non-group-fitness’  group fitness who show up, connect and are inspired by each other, the sand and the surf. 

The Finishr is a part run - part vibe crew.
But I won’t say anymore about that. That is something you’ll have to find out for yourself here.

This space however is not about The HIIT Project, nor the Finishr.
It's all about what motivates me, my thoughts, workouts, habits, recipes and curiosity into all things health related and beyond. 

Stay updated with all the free juicy content I will continue to share with you all here!

Bree x